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The beauty treatment industry assists individuals and helps them to look and feel their best. Also, customers need to feel good with the salon that they pick. Realising that your clinicians are profoundly talented and qualified significantly to offer the best support in training beauticians and make them industry-ready.

Salon proprietors are also well aware of the fact that only clinical experts can offer the best service to clients. That is the reason they need to recruit only the top individuals in the industry. Magnificent treatment courses can give you the preparation you need. With that knowledge, you can readily work in many areas. What’s more, they can give you the experience and information important to building your career in this growing industry. One such course is VTCT Level 2 & Level 3 Beauty Therapy, as this course will open up a broader perspective of career options.

About the Course:

Level 2 Beauty therapy: £2,300.00

This is a 6 weeks course for beginners who are just wanting to get started in this industry. This beauty course covers facial care, lash, and eyebrows, manicure, and pedicure along with basics like waxing and health safety. Also, there are instructions on makeup and tanning as well.
You are required to attend the academy on Thursdays and Fridays. There are no prerequisites required.

Level 3 Beauty therapy: £2,500.00

This is an 8 weeks course wherein you will learn about body massages starting from hot stone massages to Indian relaxing head massages and semi-permanent eyelash extensions. This course also covers communication with the clients and their health and safety.

You are required to attend the academy every Friday and Saturday and complete your e-portfolios at your home in the remaining days. You must complete the VTCT Level 2 beauty therapy prior to joining this course.
The final written and practical assessments will be held in the academy.

Benefits of Attending These Courses:

This certainly helps you in getting a new line of work in this leading industry.
You will get to work with professionals who have immense knowledge and experience working in this industry for a long.
This will make your skills more versatile as a beauty expert

Here you will be working with modern equipment that is available and requires prior training. This is a great upper hand you can have when applying for a job in a leading beauty centre.

You can definitely pursue this right after your graduation, this will just add as an additional skill that helps you get a dream job at an early stage of your life.

You can later also think of starting your own business with the knowledge you have gained working with the right professionals.
Contact Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy if you have any queries about VTCT Level 2 & Level 3 Beauty Therapy.


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