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BLACK FRIDAY- 10% off clinical courses

Black Friday beauty and seasonal sales are a great way to replenish your stock of your favourite beauty products at a discounted price. While a lot has changed due to lockdown and the pandemic, with holidays being cancelled and salons closing, there is still one date that remains consistent. Black Friday, retails favourite holiday has finally rolled around. If you are looking for ideas to use Black Friday to grow your beauty business, you are at the right place to pick up some top tips from the best beauty training Scotland academy.

The Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy provides various beauty training courses in the locations of Glasgow and Aberdeen. We are well-known nationally for our beauty training academy in Scotland. Our beauty academy in Scotland offers a wide range of industry accredited beauty courses.

Our beauty training Scotland academy comprises a team of highly qualified and skilled experts who are specialised in their field. By attending our beauty courses, you will get a great understanding of starting a new beauty business and improving your beauty business’s performance.

Here are the five easy ideas to instantly boost your beauty business this Black Friday by joining beauty training Scotland.

Consider Skincare as A Priority

The research studies have shown that sales of skincare products have rapidly increased since lockdown. So, use this to your advantage in your Black Friday promotion. The Beauty Training Scotland academy offers various professional clinical skincare training, including a Chemical Peels Course, Dermaplaning Course and Mesotherapy Course.

Make It Exclusive

The beauty training academy Aberdeen suggests you make your clients feel special. While creating the Black Friday promotion, make it as exclusive as it is possible. You could limit the number of special treatments by keeping a time limit on when customers need to book in. You can create a VIP promotion for your regular customers.

Make Use of Social Media

The beauty training academy Glasgow also suggests you be active on social media posting about your Black Friday promotions to stand out among your competitors. Remind your clients about what you are delivering. One of the best ways to grow your followers is by making people follow you and tag their friends to promote the offer.

Use Of Referral Codes

One of the ways to boost sales and find new clients is by running a time-limited referral code by asking your existing clients to recommend your business or treatments to their friends. Researchers have found that people trust their friends’ recommendations over any other means of marketing.

Do Not Provide Discounts

Discounts can attract clients, but to make your Black Friday promotion sound unmissable why not try upselling. This means you don’t have to reduce the price but rather you can add complementary products to your customers orders, such as a free voucher or skincare essentials that will make the clients feel like they are getting a good deal.

If you are interested in taking up any courses provided by Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, make sure you contact us as soon as possible. Time is running out to train in 2021! Get the best beauty training in Glasgow or Aberdeen by our professional beauty experts at the best beauty training academy Scotland.



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