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If you want to develop a successful career in the beauty sector, you must possess the proper knowledge, qualifications and aptitude for new treatments and therapies. Enrol in a beauty academy in Glasgow or Aberdeen to learn how to carry out beauty treatments with skill and precision.

With advancements in technology, beauty treatment processes are also evolving at a rapid pace. In clinical skincare dermaplaning is one of the most popular treatments among clients. This safe and effective hair removal treatment has gained popularity in recent years among beauty professionals and in salons. Enrolling on a dermaplaning course in Aberdeen or Glasgow will pave the way for you to pursue a career as a clinical skincare specialist and increase your income opportunities.

It is essential to train at a reputed beauty training academy in Glasgow or Aberdeen, such as Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, so that you get taught by industry professionals and learn the treatment procedure with complete precision.

What To Consider Before Choosing the Right Beauty Training Academy

If you want to learn the dermaplaning treatment procedure, you must choose the best beauty training academy that offs one on one training and instils you with confidence in performing your chosen treatment. A professional beauty academy will have a website offering information about the available beauty courses. Here is what you should look for before taking up beauty training in Aberdeen or Glasgow.

  • Courses offered
  • Course fees
  • Mention of ‘No hidden charges.’
  • If fast-track courses are available
  • Contact information
  • Certificate photographs
  • Licences, certificate acclamation, awards, etc.
  • Accreditations like SQA, VTCT, and ITA approved.


Benefits of A Dermaplaning Course

Before you add dermaplaning to your services menu, please note the benefits of a dermaplaning course in Aberdeen and how you can market your services get more clients:

  • Invest in a certified course
  • Enhance your service portfolio
  • Add more clients to your list
  • Encourage your clients for repeat visits to the salon
  • Increase your income


Once you perfect the art of dermaplaning at our Aberdeen or Glasgow training academies, then you will have all you need to successfully practice your treatment, including 100% aftercare support and a complete dermaplaning kit to with enough scalpel blades to carry out 50 treatments!


Training with a recognised and reputed beauty training academy like Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy will add a lot of value to your professional portfolio. Enrol yourself on the popular dermaplaning course today to join the highly profitable clinical skincare industry. Our industry veteran trainers will help you adopt the skills with confidence so you can begin booking clients right away.

Contact us today if you need any help while booking our dermaplaning course in Glasgow or Aberdeen.



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