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Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy offers a Complete Clinical Skincare Diploma Course to help beauticians become industry experts in offering results-driven skincare solutions. This combined clinical skincare course aims at providing you with all the required skills for carrying out treatments like Dermaplaning, Microneedling, and Chemical Peels based on the requirements on your clients’ skin.

If you are looking for clinical skincare courses, then you should enrol yourself for this course. After successful completion of this beauty training, you will learn to analyse the skin type, its conditions and accordingly suggest the most appropriate skincare treatment to your client. You will be able to multiply your profit margin by providing such treatments to your clients.

  • Peels Course Content:

During the chemical course you will learn the anatomy and physiology of all skin type. You will also learn the history and benefits of skin peels with varying strengths and client stability. The course also comprises aspects such as product recommendations (products used will be of 50% strength), homecare and aftercare. Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy is a preferred beauty academy in both Aberdeen and Glasgow for offering such a professional course at a great discounted price.

  • Microneedling Course Content:

The Microneedling course is available at both our Aberdeen and Glasgow Training academies. Microneedling has become the most sought-after skincare treatment procedure for those who want to flaunt youthful, radiant skin. Microneedling procedure can effectively lift, firm, and tighten the skin. Microneedling also helps in treating scar tissue, acne scarring, stretch marks effectively.

You will learn about the skin anatomy & physiology, contraindications, history & benefits of microneedling, treatable skin conditions, methods of microneedling, health & safety, infection control, product & ingredient recommendations, skin healing stages, homecare and aftercare. You will learn to work with both pen and roller device.

Learning to carry out the microneedling process on your client’s skin effectively will open up a broad horizon of making a profit in the beauty industry.

  • Dermaplaning Course Content:

During the dermaplaning course you will learn the necessary skills to carry out the dermaplaning procedure with the help of a surgical blade to exfoliate the skin, minimise skin imperfections, remove fine vellus hairs and eventually help in enhanced product penetration. Our beauty training module is designed in such a way that you make the most out of it and eventually turn your profession into a profitable one.

Entry Requirements: To enrol for these beauty courses at our Glasgow and Aberdeen training academies, you will need to have a basic qualification in the beauty industry. Having a certification in semi-permanent makeup or its equivalent will also help you get enrolled for the Complete Clinical Skincare Diploma Course. If you also have a nursing or medical qualification, you will be able to join this course at the beauty academy.

Location: Aberdeen & Glasgow.

Our beauty academy is based in Glasgow. We have also opened another branch in Aberdeen covering surrounding areas such as Inverness, Dundee, Perterhead.

Course Curriculum: Dermaplaning, Microneedling, and Chemical Peels

Course Duration: 2 Days

Certification: After successful completion of the Complete Clinical Skincare Diploma Course, you will get Dermaplaning Diploma, Microneedling Diploma and Skin Peels Diploma certification.

Contact us with any questions about any of our beauty courses or the Complete Clinical Skincare Diploma Course.  We are here to help you become a certified beautician and make a mark in the industry.


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