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Dermaplaning is the process of exfoliating your skin using surgical blades or scalpel. This process involves the skilful use of a surgical blade to scrape off the fine vellus hairs, the top layer of the dead skin, minimise skin imperfections, and increase product penetration.

After exfoliation of the upper dead skin layer along with the fine vellus hairs, the skin will look smoother and brighter. The process also reduces fine lines on the skin, reduces blemishes and uneven skin tone, and erases hyperpigmentation. People with acne marks may also go for dermaplaning treatment as a remedy to get unblemished skin.

Dermaplaning is one of the most popular beauty courses and is preferred by many who want to become an aesthetician. Enrolling on a top beauty academy Aberdeen will give you the chance of becoming a professional in the trade.

Difference Between Dermaplaning And Microdermabrasion

Dermaplaning is different from microdermabrasion, where the aesthetician uses a high-speed rotating brush to exfoliate the skin. The process of microdermabrasion involves sanding away the upper layer of dead skin and eventually bringing out the fresh skin from underneath. Another microdermabrasion technique includes spraying fine particles such as aluminium oxide or sodium bicarbonate by using a vacuum or suction to achieve the same results as the abrasive surface.

Dermaplaning is suitable for all skin types, and the procedure offers little or no downtime, unlike microdermabrasion. It is also a cost effective method for getting beautiful and younger looking skin. The aesthetician may recommend using a moisturiser or sunscreen with a higher SPF value afterwards as the skin would be more sensitive.

How to Become a Dermaplaning Professional?

Both dermaplaning and microdermabrasion are performed by licensed aestheticians. So, if you want to become a dermaplaning aesthetician, you must enrol yourself at a reputed beauty training academy Aberdeen. You will be trained by industry experts who have experience in providing beauty training courses Aberdeen. Also, choose a training provider who offers post-course assistance to fortify your career in the business.

Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy (SBE) is one of the first beauty training academies in Scotland to offer dermaplaning training. We have provided demonstrations and seminars at trade shows and industry events. We have also been featured in industry publications. Contact us today if you want to enrol for dermaplaning beauty training, and let us help you make it your profession.


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