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Microblading is a kind of semi-permanent brow tattooing where a hand-held tool with a few tiny needles is used to pierce through the skin and deposit pigments on the upper layer of the dermis. However, the microblading procedure is different from the standard technique of brow tattooing because each hair stroke is created by using a blade that finely cuts through the skin.

Microblading offers great results in creating or reshape the appearance of the brow in terms of colour and shape. Being a semi-permanent method of tattooing, the colour fades away quicker than the permanent form of brow tattooing.

Becoming a microblading artist needs to master the skills of creating those hair-like strokes perfectly. Also, you will need to identify the right brow shape to enhance the look of your client along with choosing the right brow colour.

Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy Offers Microblading Diploma Course at A Discounted Rate. Enrol Yourself Today to Become a Microblading Artist.

Course Curriculum Includes the Following:

  • Health & Safety
  • Infection Control &Licensing
  • Consultation Techniques
  • Contraindications
  • Colour Wheels & Colour Matching
  • Identifying the Correct Shape
  • Finding the Right Colour for Your Client
  • To Mimic Natural Hair Growth Patterns

Case Studies: You will need to complete 6 case studies in total to get your microblading diploma certification. You will complete 2 case studies during your training and the rest 4 at home to bring finesse and competence in the microblading procedure.

Entry Requirements: Brow Shaping Qualification

Next Class: 2nd May to 3rd May

Course Price: £2,495.00 ex VAT

Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy offers this hands-on course in small batches so that you can learn the most from your training. You will learn how to carry out the strokes perfectly and achieve the right kind of brow shape. You will also be trained on identifying the required brow shapes to complement the specific face shapes. Our trainers will help you to create the perfect hair strokes and make your clients feel great about their well-groomed face.

Contact us at Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy today to know more about the microblading course or if you find any difficulties while enrolling for the course.


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