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As a nail technician, staying ahead of the curve and continuously upgrading your skills is essential to meet the ever-growing demands of clients and excel in your career. If you already hold a Nail Extension qualification and are looking to expand your expertise, an E-File course can be a game-changer. Offered by the prestigious Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, this course provides the opportunity to master advanced nail techniques and elevate your nail tech skills to new heights. Let us explore the benefits of an E-File course and how it can enhance your nail tech career.

The E-File course is available at our Aberdeen and Glasgow academies.

Mastering Advanced Nail Techniques:

An E-File course focuses on the usage and application of an electric file (E-File) in nail services. It is designed for nail technicians who already possess a Nail Extension qualification, as it builds upon the foundational skills and knowledge acquired during previous training. The course offers a comprehensive curriculum that delves into advanced techniques, including nail preparation, shaping, refining, infills, and safe removals.

E-File Course I Suitable for:

Those who hold a Nail Extension qualification. If you do not currently hold this qualification we recommend completing the Gel Nail Extensions course or the Complete Nail Tech Course before enrolling for the E-File course.

Our E-File Course Includes the Following:

  • Consultation Techniques
  • Nail Preparation using E-file
  • Contraindications
  • Application of Gel Nail
  • E-File removal techniques
  • E-file Blending Techniques
  • Aftercare and Maintenance
  • Usage of Tools and Product Safely

Benefits of an E-File Course:

●       Efficiency and Time-Saving:

Using an E-File allows nail technicians to work with greater precision and speed. By mastering advanced techniques through the course, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to perform various nail services while maintaining the highest quality results. This increased efficiency translates to better time management and the ability to accommodate more clients, ultimately boosting your earning potential.

●       Versatility in Nail Services:

With an E-File, you can expand your repertoire of nail services and cater to a wider range of client preferences. The course provides training on using the E-File for various nail enhancements, such as gel overlays, infills, and shaping. You will gain the expertise to create flawless finishes, intricate designs, and refine nail extensions with precision, resulting in satisfied and loyal clients.

●       Enhanced Nail Health and Safety:

One of the critical aspects of an E-File course is learning proper technique and safety protocols. Using an E-File incorrectly can potentially damage the natural nail or cause discomfort to the client. The course equips you with the knowledge and skills to work safely and responsibly, ensuring the health and integrity of the natural nail. You will understand the importance of proper nail preparation, safe pressure application, and correct removal techniques.

●       Professional Credibility and Client Trust:

Investing in your professional development by completing an E-File course demonstrates your commitment to excellence and continuous learning. Clients value technicians who stay up-to-date with the latest industry practices and techniques. By mastering advanced nail techniques through the course, you can build trust with clients, establish yourself as an expert in the field, and differentiate yourself from competitors.

●       Career Advancement Opportunities:

Acquiring advanced skills through an E-File course opens doors to new career opportunities within the nail industry. You may find yourself in high-demand at salons, spas, or even choose to start your own nail business. The course provides a solid foundation for personal and professional growth, allowing you to take your nail tech career to new heights.

Entry Requirements for E-File Course

Nail Extensions qualification

Certification You Will Receive After Completing The E-File Course

E-File Diploma

E-File Course Duration

1/2 day


For nail technicians looking to enhance their skills and stay at the forefront of the industry, an E-File course is a valuable investment. With the Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy’s E-File course, you can master advanced nail techniques and leverage the versatility and efficiency of an electric file. By expanding your repertoire of services, prioritizing nail health and safety, and demonstrating your commitment to professional development, you can unlock new opportunities and excel in your nail tech career. Take the next step towards success by enrolling in an E-File course and watch your skills soar to new heights.



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