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Brow Lamination is the latest innovation in brow artistry. This in demand Brow Lamination Course is one of the most popular courses at the academy. With courses selling out most weeks.

Train now and offer your clients the most sought after brow treatment.

What is Brow Lamination?

In the brow artistry, brow lamination is the latest innovation and is heavily in vogue. The trend is now to have a pair of the thick and fluffy brow. However, it is a bit difficult to achieve as the natural brow hairs have a tendency to point down. However, the brow lamination course will teach you how to lift the hair from the root to set them properly so that the brows look thick and fluffy. The effect of one brow lamination lasts up to 8 weeks. Taking up a brow lamination course will surely increase your career prospects. However, you should ensure that you take up the curse from a renowned beauty institute to ensure yo learn all the benefits that the brow lamination course offers.

What Does the Course Cover?

The main objective of the brow lamination course is to teach lifting the brow from the root and setting them in such a way that brow look thicker and fluffy.

However, The Brow Lamination Course Covers

  • Contra-Indications
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Health and Safety
  • The procedure
  • Homecare and aftercare

Qualification to Enrol for The Brow Lamination Course

You need to have brow waxing or shaping or brow colouring qualification to attend this brow lamination diploma course.

But we also offer a Brow Lamination Stylist course which is open to absolute beginners with no previous experience.

Course Duration

½ day-Brow Lamination Diploma Course


1day- Brow Lamination Stylist

For Those Who Do Not Have A Necessary Previous Qualification

You can still go through the professional brow lamination course even if you do not have a necessary degree. The course is entitled to Brow Lamination Stylist Diploma. This brow lamination course contains brow tinting, brow mapping, trimming, brow shaping, waxing and of course the brow lamination along with the stylish and finishing techniques. The duration of this complete brow lamination course is just 1 day, so you can easily go for this course and get benefitted.

The Dates for The Above-Mentioned Course

Monday 6th January, Monday 27th January, Wednesday 29th January, Monday 3rd February, Tuesday 11th February, Monday 24th February, Monday 2nd March, Tuesday 10th March, Monday 23rd March, Monday 6th April, Tuesday 14th April, Monday 27th April, Monday 4th May, Tuesday 12th May

Contact the team of aestheticians at Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy and enrol for this brow lamination course and become an expert to serve your clients in the best way.


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