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The Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy offers a premium Microblading diploma course to help you become a Microblading artist. Microblading is a cutting-edge technology for replacing missing, thin, or damaged brows. People with unshapely brows can also go for this procedure.

As the fashion industry expanded, the demand for Microblading procedures and, along with that, the demand for a professional Microblading diploma course has also increased. Learning the Microblading technique will provide you with different employment opportunities offer high profit margins and repeat business.

The Microblading diploma course offered by Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy is affordable, and you can choose to join our Glasgow or Aberdeen academy for the course. Our expert instructors will guide you through the learning process in great detail and provide you with hands-on training throughout the Microblading diploma course to help you become certified and competent in the Microblading technique.

The duration of the Microblading diploma course is three days. On Day 1, you will cover the theory part on our online portal. On Day 2 and day 3 of the course, our expert trainers will help you with practical training at Glasgow or Aberdeen academy. So, if you want to broaden your career horizons in the beauty services industry, you must choose the Microblading diploma course offered by Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy.

What You Will Learn in Our Microblading Diploma Course

Our trainers will demonstrate the fundamental principles of Microblading and assist you in identifying and mapping different brow shapes. In addition to mastering the universal brow pattern, you will also learn how to change your hair stroke patterns based on the brow anatomy of your client. To ensure Microblading competency following completion of our beauty training in Glasgow or Aberdeen, we will provide students with both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Learn Microblading from Experienced Trainers                  

At the academy, our skilled Microblading instructors deliver the best cosmetics instruction in Aberdeen and Glasgow. They will help you hone your skills by doing the Microblading procedure on practice skin and then you will work on 2 live models.

Our comprehensive Microblading course will help you acquire the necessary practical skills so that you may gain confidence as a Microblading artist. We also offer post-course support to help you become a professional Microblading artist. If you wish to develop your career and are considering taking beauty classes in Aberdeen or Glasgow, please contact us immediately.

Additional Benefits of the Microblading Diploma Course

Upon completion of our Microblading diploma course in Glasgow or Aberdeen, you will obtain a recognized qualification. In addition, we will provide you with a complete kit that is included in the cost of the Microblading diploma course and allows you to do 20 treatments on clients, resulting in a substantial return on investment. As you gain recognition as a Microblading artist, you will be able to create a £5,000 profit.


Contact Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy immediately if you have any queries about the Microblading diploma course or need assistance enrolling. We have beauty and specialist Microblading trainers available to assist you in launching your new career as a Microblading artist and will guide you through the process of starting your new business.



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