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Begin a promising career in SPMU by taking the ultimate combination brow course! For maximum client interest, this course comprises all of the most popular SPMU brow techniques. After completing the combination brow course, you can provide clients with both microblading hair stroke brows and combination brows. Having such diverse skills will attract all types of clients and increase your chances of success as an SPMU brow artist!


For people who want their brows to be more defined or covered up, semi-permanent ombre brows applied using the machine method are fantastic possibilities. In contrast, microblading provides a finish that looks more like individual hair strokes. Combining the two services enables you to design a custom treatment for every client. Semi-permanent makeup is a growing industry with excellent profit margins and repeated customers who frequently come back for touch-ups.


The combination brow course covers theoretical and practical aspects of microblading eyebrows using hand tools and machine methods. Before starting the course, you get lifetime access to the online site where you will complete the theory work. After that, you come to the academy for three days to finish the practical, hands-on element of the course. Additionally, you have the choice to add Lip Blush for the discounted price of £999.


Let’s look at what these combination brow courses offer you during each day of the course:


Day 1:

Study using the online resource to finish the theory part of the course.


Day 2:

You will start by reviewing the law, health and safety, colour theory, different skin types, brow mapping, and practice skin. Additionally, see a live demonstration that you can record.

That evening, you’ll have homework to complete.


Day 3:

After receiving feedback on your homework assignments, you will practise the methods on practice skin in the morning to get them right before applying techniques to two live models in the afternoon.


Day 4:

In the afternoon, you will work on two real models after watching another presentation and using practice skin to mix machine and microbladed brows. The instructor will next provide feedback, a recap, and a Q&A.


To provide you with the most hands-on experience and the confidence you need to successfully complete the combination brow course, this in-depth combination brow course has been built from the beginning keeping beginners in mind. It also doesn’t require case studies once you’ve finished.


Along with providing a thorough understanding of microblading and machine method procedures, the course also covers all relevant anatomy and physiology of the skin. As a result, you will also leave with a solid understanding of colour theory, reinforced while working on live models.


Class sizes are kept to a minimum to ensure you get the most out of the training. The highly qualified instructors will be available to walk you through the procedure step-by-step. Additionally, as was already mentioned, the academy offers the option to put on lip blush for an additional day at the discounted price of just £999.



Don’t hesitate and apply today if you want to enrol on our combination brow course. Get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the combination brow course or need assistance when applying. Our experts are always available to help and advise, so book today!



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