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Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy offers a fantastic Microblading diploma course that could start your career as a professional as a Microblading artist. Microblading is an amazing method that can camouflage sparse or damaged brows with subtle hair-like strokes. This is an excellent option for people who have lost their eyebrows because of health reasons and want a natural looking yet a permanent solution.


The demand for Microblading procedures continues to grow and, along with that, the demand for professionals who can deliver great results. With our Microblading diploma course, you could launch yourself into a new career with lots of options!


Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy provides competitively priced, professional Microblading training. Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy is a purpose-built beauty training facility and offers the Microblading diploma course in both Glasgow and Aberdeen.


When enrolled in our Microblading diploma course, in order to help you become a confident practitioner, our qualified trainers will walk you through the process in detail while giving you hands-on instruction throughout. We provide expertly tailored beauty courses in Glasgow and Aberdeen and the qualifications are fully accredited and insurable on completion.


Duration of The Microblading Diploma Course:

Three days are needed to complete our Microblading diploma course. The theory components of Day 1 are accomplished through the online portal. The school in Glasgow or Aberdeen will emphasise practical instruction on the second and third days.


What You Will Learn in Our Microblading Diploma Course:

Our instructors will show you the essential Microblading techniques and assist you in identifying and mapping various brow shapes. In addition to mastering the universal brow pattern on any brow, you will learn how to modify your hair stroke patterns depending on your client’s brow structure. To assure competency in the procedure after completing our beauty training in Glasgow or Aberdeen, we will give pupils both academic and practical understanding of Microblading.


Seasoned Instructors for Microblading Diploma Course:

Our knowledgeable Microblading instructors provide expert training at our Aberdeen and Glasgow academies. They will assist you in honing your abilities by doing the Microblading procedure on practise skin and prospective customers.


Our thorough Microblading training will assist you in acquiring all the practical skills required so that you can develop your confidence as a new Microblading artist. We also provide post-course support to help you become a successful Microblading artist within the industry. So, get in touch with us immediately if you want to advance your profession and are considering taking beauty classes in Aberdeen or Glasgow.


Additional Reasons to enrol on our Microblading Diploma Course:

After finishing our Microblading diploma course in Glasgow or Aberdeen, you will receive certification that is fully accredited and insurable. Additionally, we will give you a complete kit that is included in the price of the Microblading diploma course and enables you to do 20 treatments on customers, providing a significant return on investment. As you become a reputable Microblading artist, with just 5 clients a week you could earn up to £65,000 a year!



Get in touch with Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy if you have any questions about the Microblading diploma course or if you need assistance with enrolling or payments.



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