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Are you striving to be a part of the beauty and wellness industry? Want to help your clients flaunt a youthful and radiant skin? It is time that you take up new clinical skincare courses and fortify your professional outreach.

Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy offers top quality dermaplaning diploma course at a discounted rate. You will get to learn all the aspects of carrying out a dermaplaning treatment on your clients effectively while giving them after care tips for ensuring the best results from the treatment.

Dermaplaning is a very cost-effective treatment procedure to get stunningly beautiful results. This is a safer and preferred alternative to a microdermabrasion treatment.

Dermaplaning Diploma Course Content

If you enrol into the dermaplaning diploma course offered by the Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, you will learn how to use a surgical blade to exfoliate the skin & remove vellus hairs with utmost perfection. If this treatment procedure is carried out correctly, it will help in reducing skin imperfections, while enhancing product penetration onto the skin.

You will need to carry out a minimum of 6 case studies to qualify for the final certification. You will get complete support from the team of Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy to learn this course curriculum in the correct manner and eventually offer treatments to your clients.

Make Huge Profits by Successfully Completing This Course

Currently, we are offering this course for only £400. And, once you complete this course, you can charge your clients up to £100 per each dermaplaning session. Also, you will get a free kit with this course which will carry enough scalpel blades for you to carry out at least 50 sessions with your clients. So, you will be able to make a huge profit with this small investment.

Entry Requirements

You will need to hold a relevant facial qualification to enrol for this course. You may also hold beauty qualifications in semi-permanent make up or its equivalent. Even having a nursing (dental nurse) or medical qualification will also help you to qualify for enrolment.

Qualification– Dermaplaning Diploma

Duration– 1 day

Course Price– £400 (including kit)

Class Strength – We offer group training sessions with 4 or more trainees in it.

Next Session –17th August 2020, Monday

Enrol now to get this exciting price for this course and become one of the top aestheticians in your area. You can simply enrol online to secure your place.


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