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Every potential client will desire to get a bespoke beauty treatment to look their best during the holiday season. To tap into this market, you must plan reasonable yet quintessential beauty treatment package deals for the upcoming holidays. Also, if you want to increase your service portfolio, you must ensure that your skills are up to date and enroll into complete beauty therapist courses in Glasgow or Aberdeen.

The Complete Beauty Therapist courses covers all of the staple treatments offered within a salon.

The Beauty Services

To set a benchmark in the beauty world and earn a healthy profit from the package beauty treatment market it is vital that your beauty skills are up to date. And by enrolling yourself into beauty training courses Aberdeen or Glasgow will ensure you have the relevant skill set needed.

Nail Treatment

For gel polish treatments these are fast profitable services which can be carried out in just 20minutes allowing you to turn over a high volume of clients. Enroll on Complete Nail Technician Course, Gel Nail Extensions Course, or Gel Polish Course from Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy to learn and prefect the techniques needed to offer all things nails.

Obtaining beauty training from the best beauty training academy in Glasgow or Aberdeen will help you gain the knowledge needed to confidently carry out these treatments.


Body waxing and brow waxing are the staple treatments of any salon and offer HIGH profit margins and a low initial outlay. Enroll yourself in Waxing Course at the best beauty academy in Glasgow or Aberdeen to learn and perfect all waxing techniques.

Sun-Kissed Glow

Spray tanning is one of the fastest salon treatments you can offer. As the treatment from start to finish takes just 10minutes. Ensure you learn the latest techniques in spray tanning by enrolling on a Spray Tanning Course.

Natural Holiday Make-Up

The make up industry is booming from natural day looks, to glam evening and bridal the industry is vast. Ensure you enroll in a professional Make up Course for the perfect makeup tutorials and understand colour matching and skin tones.


Lashes are big business in the industry and offer a high volume of repeat business. The best beauty training academy will help you learn perfect lash tint and lift techniques via Lash Lift & Tint Course. Always ensure you train with a reputable beauty training academy.


Eyebrows are big business and are a fast and profitable service to offer. From a quick brow wax right up to advanced techniques such as microblading there is no end to what you can learn. If you are a beginner who is new to the industry we recommend you enrol for the Expert Brows Course or for those looking to advance their skills the Microblading Course is very popular and offers high profit margins.


According to a study, it was noticed that in the year 2017, holidaymakers had spent almost one-third of their holiday budget on beauty treatments, hair removal and tanning. You may include various irresistible offers and credit stamps for your pre-holiday beauty packages within your salon, which your client can redeem on post-holiday beauty treatments. With locations is Aberdeen and Glasgow enrolling in beauty therapist courses from Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy will make your journey as a beauty practitioner smoother and profitable.



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