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A chemical peel is just a kind of exfoliation that takes the help of a chemical solution to eliminate dead and unwanted skin cells from the upper layer of skin. For a chemical peel, treatment time can go up to thirty minutes and the procedure involved in peeling can last anywhere between 3 and 5 days. In the course of the peeling procedure, dead skin sheds off, leaving behind fresh and new skin underneath.

Note the Importance of Opting for Chemical Peels Diploma Course

It is a swift profitable treatment with a fast turnaround of customers. Those who have pursued the chemical peels diploma course can charge around £50 for each peel with multiple courses of treatments being usually recommended to see the result. This is used for the treatment of fine lines, acne, pigmentation, acne scarring, and ameliorate overall texture and skin tone.
Here Are Some Benefits of Opting for Chemical Peel from Those Who Have Pursued Chemical Peels Diploma Course:
These involve numerous benefits for undergoing the chemical peel treatment. Not only do the chemical peels reveal a smoother, brighter, and highly refined complexion, but they also ameliorate the whole look as well as the feel of skin in only one treatment. A few other benefits of opting for chemical peel are:

  • Ameliorate the skin’s clarity, colour, texture, and tone
  • Stimulates new collagen and promotes healthy skin cell growth, which results in a radiant complexion.
  • Lowers discoloration created by sunlight
  • Assists in clearing up of breakouts
  • Smoothens the fine lines & wrinkles on the skin
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Addresses superficial scars and visible skin imperfections

As the chemical peel treatment comes with numerous benefits that attract a huge number of customers, therefore opting for the chemical peels diploma course would be highly beneficial for you.

Course Content of Chemical Peels Diploma Course

The content for the chemical peels diploma course involves anatomy, physiology, history as well as benefits of skin peels. Added advantages of conducting chemical peels on clients. The amount and type of products used, product recommendation, aftercare, and homecare.

Entry Level Requirement

Semi-permanent makeup, beauty qualification, or equivalent nursing or medical qualification.

Name of The Qualification Course: Skin Peels Diploma
Course Duration: Half a day
Cost Involved: £250

Those who are not sure whether their qualifications would match with our institution’s requirements should contact us and discuss.


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