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Microblading is the fastest growing treatment in the cosmetic makeup and beauty industry. It is a form of permanent makeup that is used for recreation, correction, and improvement in the appearance of your current shape of eyebrows. This “brow embroidery” service is perfect for clients with naturally thick eyebrows, and those who wish to have the appearance of thicker brows. Anyone can achieve their perfect brows with the help of Microblading.

How Is Microblading Done?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique where the brow colour pigment is implanted in the skin with the use of a manual pen-like tool. The handheld beauty tool features a very thin blade on end that makes small incisions throughout the client’s brows. The extremely small needles are used to create thin, realistic, hair-like strokes with no spilling below the skin.

The blade itself is about 3 times thinner than the microneedle to ensure complete precision. A microblading blade allows technicians to draw fine, featherweight hair strokes right above the first dermal skin layer. The effect of Microblading is extremely natural, effective & long-lasting. With regular top up sessions, the longevity of results can last for 2 to 3 years, according to the individuals skin type.

Why Take a Microblading Diploma Course?

Microblading is an art, and it requires a lot of practice to perfect the procedure. We recommend that anyone starting out, enrol for a professional microblading diploma course to gain experience, industry knowledge and a microblading qualification. Enrolling yourself at a reputed beauty training academy Aberdeen or Glasgow, like Scottish Beauty Expert, will help you on your way to becoming a trained microblading professional.

For those already working in the beauty industry, a beauty course in microblading will perfectly complement your skills and allow you to offer a wide range of treatments to your clients. It is a great treatment for clients who wish to improve or enhance the shape of their natural eyebrows. A microblading qualification will enable you provide a beautiful natural 3D effect to their eyebrows. After doing a Microblading beauty training course at Aberdeen, you will be fully trained to create almost any look, from a natural, realistic finish to a beautifully bold eyebrow. Sparse or missing brows can also be filled, creating the illusion of naturally thick brows.

Benefits of Microblading

This microblading treatment is offered manually, so your ability, skill, and practical knowledge play an important role in offering the best service to your clients. During beauty training at Scottish Beauty Expert Aberdeen and Glasgow, you’ll learn all the best tips & tricks to perform Microblading with confidence and skill. Some benefits of Microblading diploma course are:

  • The results achieved through microblading can be life changing for your clients, especially those with alopecia or those who regularly fill in their brows with makeup. The effects of Microblading create lifelong, loyal customers for your business.
  • As the average price of Microblading is around £250, providing the service can the extremely profitable for your business or salon. With just 2 clients a week you could earn up to £26,000 a year, with 4 £52,000 and with 8 clients a week you could make £104,000. Training in microblading is a lucrative investment.
  • With just 2 days of Microblading training, at the Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, along with 1 day of theory work on our online portal, you will leave with a complete Microblading qualification.
  • During training you will complete 6 cases studies to ensure complete competence in the procedure. You will perfect practical skills, work on live models, learn how to identify brow shapes, master hair strokes, colour match and more so you can begin to practice microblading with confidence.
  • Along with 100% aftercare support each microblading course also includes a FREE starter kit to carry out 20 treatments!



By becoming a qualified microblading technician with Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy you will have a whole new world of opportunities to grow and expand your business. If you are already working in the beauty industry, a microblading beauty training certification in our beauty academy Aberdeen or Glasgow will help you gain more customers. And if you’re just a beginner, a Microblading beauty training certification will allow you to find a high-paying job in salon or to start your own business.


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