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Microblading has taken the beauty industry by storm. More and more people are opting for permanent makeup to save the time spent getting ready and getting frequent eyebrow treatments. With its sudden popularity, offering microblading as a treatment in your salon or beauty business can be both profitable and successful.  The first step in establishing a successful microblading business is to enrol in a microblading course from a reputed beauty academy in Glasgow or Aberdeen. Training with Scottish Beauty Expert will open up new opportunities for you both in microblading and the beauty industry.

With the demand for microblading on the rise, let’s look into some of the best ways you can master microblading and start your microblading business.

Acquire the Necessary Certification

Before you begin to practice microblading first you should focus on acquiring the right skills and certifications through a microblading course. With the help of Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy’s beauty courses, you can learn everything you need to know to get started. We offer you everything you need to become a permanent makeup artist. The microblading course takes you through every aspect of the process so that you can become a certified microblading artist and launch your beauty business.

Practice for Perfection

Like any other career, working in microblading requires practising your craft. It’s normal to want to start working on clients right away, however it is essential that you first practice your skills on different props before you start working with the actual clients. During your beauty training you will be taught to create perfect hair stroke patterns, breaking the process into several stages so that you can master the universal brow pattern on any brow. Our microblading course runs for 3 days, out of which there would be online training for 1 day (theory part) and 2 days of practical training at the academy.

After you complete your microblading training and you become more skilled in the treatment, you will start to work with clients and will gradually build up a loyal clientele. If you chose to go out on your own, here is how you can begin to set up your own business.

To start you can either rent a space in your preferred location or make use of extra room at home or in your salon. Running a beauty business successfully is a journey and starting small is normal. After choosing your space, you will then need to invest in the essential equipment and décor.

This will help your clients feel at ease and secure enough to book in for a microblading treatment. Essential equipment includes a professional chair, good lighting, a microblading machine, disposable needles, shades, and the required aftercare for your clients. At Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, we offer post-course support to help our trainees to establish their microblading business.

Your Online Presence and Marketing

Before you launch your business, you will first need to establish up your online presence, this will help you to build up your client base. You can start with a social media page or a professional-looking website, this will allow your potential customers to find the information they require and book in for a treatment all in one place. Having all the information online will help those who have never undergone a microblading treatment feel more confident when booking your brow services.

Building Your Client Base

When starting a beauty business, you should aim to have a unique selling point. Joining a beauty training academy in Glasgow or Aberdeen like Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy will help you acquire all the knowledge and skills you need to establish yourself as a professional in the industry, setting your business apart from its competitors. If you earn the right certifications and promote your business effectively online, you will quickly establish yourself as a successful microblading artist.


Training in microblading is a lucrative investment, it has a low set up costs and offers high returns. As the average price of Microblading is around £250, providing the service can the extremely profitable for your business or salon. With just 2 clients a week you could earn up to £26,000 a year, with 4 £52,000 and with 8 clients a week you could make £104,000. Enrolling in beauty training courses in Glasgow or Aberdeen from reputed establishments like Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy will help you to quickly build up a loyal client base. Along with 100% aftercare support each microblading course also includes a FREE starter kit to carry out 20 treatments!

Book now or get in touch with Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy today to enrol for our microblading and beauty courses.

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