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Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy is offering a dermaplaning diploma course for those who want to make a career in skin care services. You would require to hold either a beauty qualification, nursing or medical qualification, a certification in semi-permanent makeup, or qualification as a dental nurse to enrol for this course.
The Dermaplaning diploma course is one of the most popular skincare courses that aestheticians are looking for mastering these days. This is a short course with a pricing of just £400 where you can charge your clients up to £100 per dermaplaning session.
Benefits of Dermaplaning
Dermaplaning comes with many benefits such as removing fine lines on the skin, reducing visible scar marks, and making the skin surface smoother. People are opting for such a skin treatment as it makes the skin look and feels supple. This treatment procedure is preferred by many especially because there is no downtime for recovery after the session.
Course Duration
This is a 1 day course where you will need to submit 6 case studies to obtain certification.
Dermaplaning diploma
£400 (including kit)
Course Curriculum
Our course curriculum covers hands on training where you will learn how to use a surgical blade to safely remove the fine vellus hairs, exfoliate the skin, minimise skin imperfections, and assist in product penetration.
You will get full support to finish the course successfully along with getting unlimited aftercare support so that you can make a career out of this. We run this course on a regular basis so that we can help all those wannabe beauticians make a foothold in the skincare and grooming industry. We also maintain batch sizes small so that you can get the most from our training schedule.
Dermaplaning Kit
You will get a dermaplaning kit which will include enough surgical blades for you to carry out 50 dermaplaning sessions. So, you can just imagine the profit margin.
Next Batch
Our next batch is starting on 25th January 2021
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