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More people are choosing to fill and shape their brows using SPMU techniques every year and it’s clear that the brow business has never been busier!  Although microblading and machine brows were first popularised in Asia, it quickly spread over the globe, with the top companies and SPMU artists attracting more and more customers as time went on.

Due to this, the career opportunities in this field have increased and continue to grow every year! Does this sound like the perfect career opportunity for you? By enrolling on an ombre & powder brow course with Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, you could turn your passion into a career. Let’s look at how you can widen your career opportunities with the ombre & powder brow course…

Search and Go for Training:

The most crucial element is to ensure that the ombre & powder brow course certification you are considering has been certified by significant awarding bodies. When you attend Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, you can feel assured that you’re learning the best techniques on our ombre & powder brow course. Our course makes sure all our students leave totally confident in their new knowledge and skills with a qualification that is fully insurable on completion.

Obtain Credentialed Records:

Once you have enrolled, attend the ombre & powder brow course on the next available course date. We provide the formal proof that you attended the class and earned a passing grade when the course is over. When you receive your certificate with us, it will contain your instructor’s name and signature, the seal of the academy, and the number of hours you’ve spent on the course. When pursuing your dream employment in the future, the information on this certificate is crucial.

Obtain an Ombre & Powder Brow Course Licence:

An ombre & powder brow course licence is necessary to start working in this area of the beauty business and advance your professional possibilities. When a practitioner holds a licence and insurance, clients can be assured of your abilities and professionalism.

Prove Your Professionalism:

Regardless of where you will be working, it is crucial to demonstrate to your clients that you can carry out your duties perfectly. You can print out before-and-after pictures from your ombre & powder brow certification course and display them on the wall or in another prominent location. Of course, pay attention to eyebrow treatments, but you can also highlight other features you may have worked on, like the lip blush or Scalp Micropigmentation. This could also serve as your resume if you intend to apply for a position at a cosmetic workshop.


After going through all these pointers, you are ready to apply for a job. It is undoubtedly the last step to a new beginning for your career. Many people choose to launch their businesses on their own, which is great, but if you’re just beginning your career and want to start small, looking for work in cosmetics and permanent makeup salons is a great idea.

You shouldn’t anticipate being hired as a full-time technician immediately; instead, you’ll likely start as an assistant. You’ll undoubtedly make more money after you have the confidence and experience to start your practice, but everything requires practice. So, don’t wait for anything now. Instead, go for the Ombre & Powder Brow Course from the Scottish beauty expert training academy and become a pro in this field.



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