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Since the advent of globalization, one profession that has been gradually expanding is beauty industry. The consumption pattern in last there or maybe four decades has considerably changed. Beauty consciousness, that has been prevalent only in the upper class of society up to 1960s, has become a general concern first among women and then among men also after the 1970s. With the growth in the number of beauty products and beautification methods, the number of professional beauty experts has also now increased due to demand. With the number of increasing beauty-conscious people around, having a qualification from a top beauty academy will help set you apart from your competition.

Scottish beauty expert training academy is a highly respected academy, a VTCT and SQA approved centre we have a wide range of advanced courses from Microblading to Clinical skincare. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of what is new and current in the industry and passing those skills on to our students. Previous students have gone on to win industry awards and now run and operate highly successful salons and clinics. If you are looking for a new career or to add to existing skills, then join our leading beauty training academy in Scotland without delay.

Some of The Courses Offered by The Leading Beauty Training Academy in Scotland

Brow Lamination Courses

Brow lamination course is the latest innovation in brow beautification. During training we show you how to lift brow hairs from the roots and set them so that the brows look thicker, fluffier and always stays in the desired place. The result lasts up to 8 weeks. If you enrol for a professional beautician course from a top beauty training academy in Scotland, you will be able to gain a deep understanding of the subject and implement the knowledge while catering to clients.

Mesotherapy Course

It is a safe and natural alternative to treat dryness of dehydrated and dull skin. This process increases the radiance of the skin of the client and can be applied before any special events like a wedding ceremony. It is a highly profitable treatment as it can retain your clients. This is an opportunity for you as mesotherapy is high in demand because of the limited availability of the service in Scotland.

Henna Brows Course

Henna is taking over from tint within the industry, it contains no lead, no ammonia and is natural and vegan friendly. It lasts 6-8 weeks and there are 7 colour choices which can be used alone or mixed and matched together to create custom bespoke colours for each and every client. We are Scotlands official training academy for Henna Brows International which is the fastest henna on the market.

Chemical Peels Diploma

It is a good thing in your menu for attracting customers for result-driven facials. It can be applied to improve overall skin tone and texture. This ensures a high-profit margin in each treatment. Learning this treatment procedure from a reputed beauty training academy in Scotland will help you in a great way in attracting clients for a session with you.

When selecting a training provider it is importantthat you acquire a certification from a reputed beauty training academy in Scotland. Contact Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, the most reputed beauty training academy in the country and contact us to speak with an advisor or for more information.


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