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With the degree of complete clinical skincare diploma, you can move your company into a profitable clinical section. Not only will you be able to provide your clients with skincare concerns and requirements, but also you would create a name for your company among the client base. The course of complete clinical skincare diploma involves micro-needling, dermaplaning, and chemical peels.

Here I Will Mention A Brief About the Contents Included in the Complete Clinical Skincare Diploma:

Microneedling Course Content:

This is a clinical skincare process, which is rapidly evolving in the cosmetic industry. Presently, microneedling is in great demand among clients as they guarantee good results. A great alternative to Botox micro-needling, can lift, tighten, and firm the skin, which are standard effective processes in treating acne, scar, stretch marks, etc. With a price ranging between £125-200 each treatment, it makes a good addition to one’s clinical treatment menu. Being a comprehensive course, it covers skin physiology and anatomy, benefits and history of microneedling, contraindications, safety and health, treatable skin ailments, infection control, skin healing stages, ingredient and product recommendations, homecare and aftercare, and methods of micro-needling.

Dermaplaning Course Content:

It is an extensive diploma degree, which shows candidates how to skilfully and safely utilize a surgical blade for the purpose of exfoliating skin, removing fine vellus hairs, minimizing imperfections, and increasing product penetration. Using this, one can remove stratum corneum skin cells, which can dramatically ameliorate skincare outcomes and is the perfect addition to the clinical treatment menu.

Presently, there is an excellent demand for dermaplaning, and it is also one of the safest and cost-effective alternatives to microdermabrasion. The treatment has substantial profit margins and is also low cost and carries a charge of just £100 each treatment. This course involves a kit of fine scalpel blades to conduct up to 50 treatments. To ensure a high competence level, candidates would be required to conduct 6 case studies.

Peel Course Content:

It is a highly profitable treatment with the course covering physiology, anatomy, benefits of skin peels, client suitability, product recommendations, aftercare, and homecare.

Know all about Complete Clinical Skincare Diploma

Entry-level qualification requirement: Semi-permanent make up a degree or equivalent course requirement/beauty qualification, medical/nursing qualification.

Course Content: Microneedling Diploma, Dermaplaning Diploma, and Skin Peel Diploma.

Course Duration: Two days.

(Those who are unsure that whether this qualification would match with their requirement, do contact us before enrolling)

* Necessary for candidates to take facial qualifications before enrolling for a complete clinical skincare diploma course. Those who have not done a facial qualification course are required to complete it.


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