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At Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, we offer a top-rated Complete SPMU Artist Course to help your career take off in the beauty industry. The Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) industry has grown exponentially in recent years, and if you want to broaden your career horizons today, it is time that you enrol in our Complete SPMU Artist Course.

Based in Glasgow, we teach the most popular SPMU services throughout the Complete SPMU Artist Course. You will learn up-to-date skills and techniques during the course to give you a competitive advantage when you enter the SPMU field. For individuals wishing to enter the world of semi-permanent makeup, this course has been created with you in mind. The most common SPMU services are covered throughout the course. You will learn many skills and techniques during the course to give you an advantage when you enter the field.

Master SPMU Skills

As part of your training, you will master the technique for creating hair stroke patterns using Microblading, as well as how to combine this with machine method shading to produce the trendy combination brow. Additionally, the machine method ombre and powder brows will be covered. Along with lip blush and the most recent techniques for scalp micropigmentation

A career in SPMU is what the course has been expressly created for. This incorporates all facets of the most well-liked SPMU to guarantee that you can meet any client’s needs. After completing the Complete SPMU Artist Course, you will be qualified to provide ombre, powdered effect brows using machine shading and hair strokes, Microblading, combination brows, and the machine brows method. For people who want more coverage or a bolder look for their brows, machine method semi-permanent brows are a terrific alternative. Microblading provides a more realistic hair stroke finish. Having access to both options enables you to design a custom treatment for each and every customer.

Additionally, in the Complete SPMU Artist Course, you will receive training in scalp micropigmentation and lip blush, enabling you to provide clients with custom lip colours, lip neutralisation, and non-surgical hair loss remedies. Semi-permanent makeup is a growing industry with strong profit margins, repeat clientele, and in-between top-up visits from customers.

The theory and application of SPMU techniques are both covered in the Complete SPMU Artist Course. Prior to the course, we advise that you spend at least 4-5 days using our online portal where you will do the theory work. You get lifelong access to this portal. After that, you come to the Glasgow academy for five practice days to finish the practical, hands-on work. Upon completion, you will receive lifetime assistance and an insurable qualification.

DAY 1:

You will start your SPMU adventure by reviewing the concepts you learnt on the online learning portal. You will learn about laws, permits, health and safety, colour theory, contraindications, and skin types. You will practise on the skin while learning brow mapping procedures. The next step is to see a live demonstration that you can record. That evening, you’ll have homework to accomplish.

Day 2:

You will receive feedback on your homework assignments, and after practising your techniques on a practice skin in the morning, you will work on two live models in the afternoon.

Day 3:

You will see a second presentation, work on practising skin to integrate machine and microbladed brows, and then spend the day working on two real models. The instructor will next provide feedback, a recap, and a Q&A.

Day 4:

You will watch a lip blush demonstration, practise the technique on dummy skin, and then work on two real models in the late afternoon. The instructor will next provide feedback, a recap, and a Q&A.

Day 5:

On day 5 of the Complete SPMU Artist Course, you will practise the scalp micropigmentation process, learn how to produce natural hairline patterns, and map your scalp in order to perform scalp filling, density, and total scalp restoration. After that, you’ll be working with a live model. After completion, we will put you in contact with the model so you can use them for your top-up session.


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