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Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy offers the highest quality microblading diploma course with in-depth practical training from experts. We conduct the course in small class sizes so that you can receive maximum benefits from the training. It is a six days course, divided into three parts. The course includes three days of training along with one day of portal carrying out theoretical studies and a couple of days of practical at the centre.

During the training, we will work on perfecting your skills, thereby ensuring confidence upon completion. We will help you in the identification of brow shapes that would admire the different face shapes. We will also provide training in mastering microblading techniques and create the perfect hair strokes.

Course Curriculum

Our course covers everything about microblading techniques, including the following:

  • Health and Safety
  • Infection Controlling
  • Licensing Consultation Techniques
  • Colour Wheels and Colour Matching
  • Contraindications

You will also learn ways to identify the correct brow shape and colour for your client and ways to mimic natural hair growth patterns. While you engage yourself with our microblading diploma course, you will work on practice skin and later on live models while perfecting your hands-on microblading.

Course Fee

The Microblading Diploma course is currently on offer at £2495 and includes your full kit to carry out 20 treatments.

Potential Annual Income after Microblading Diploma Course

With the right training and hands-on experience, you can receive a license and get insured. Today, the eyebrow industry is expanding, and several people are looking for treating their eyebrows and get the perfect shape. With our course, you can earn a whopping amount of approx £250 per microblading client. Now let us discuss the potential annual income of one of our microblading artists.

Number of Clients           Annual Income

2 clients per week           £26,000

4 clients per week           £52,000

6 clients per week           £78,000

8 clients per week           £104,000

Above all, the best part of engaging with us is that we offer 100% aftercare support and guidance. Besides, you will complete six live case studies, divided into two parts- two during the training and the rest four at home. The case studies ensure complete competence in the procedure. So, wait no more. Join our microblading diploma course today.


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