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Complete Hair Removal Specialist Course

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Learn 3 courses in one with our advanced complete hair removal specialist course. The complete hair removal course includes body waxing using warm wax, the latest hot waxing techniques for intimate waxing, Brazilian, Hollywood etc, and threading techniques for the face.

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Waxing and hair removal services are a high-profit margin service with a low initial outlay. If you are a beginner and looking for a starting point then waxing is a must have service to offer. You can get started in the industry with our Complete Hair Removal Course which offers all the services needed to become a waxing specialist!

Our complete hair removal course consists of a comprehensive learning content of the most popular hair removal procedures. The fast track course covers the theory element online beforehand to ensure that you get the maximum from the hands on training and offers the ideal career choice for aspiring beauty therapists. The complete hair removal course covers all aspects of hair removal and includes three staple treatments:


Threading as a hair removal technique involves the removal of facial hair and is a popular option for eyebrow shaping. The hair is removed directly from the root. It causes no skin irritation and is highly suitable for those who have contraindications to the waxing method. Threading is a must have for anyone looking to specialise in brow treatments or work as a threading specialist within a brow bar. With no pre-requisite, you can start as a beginner and can advance your skill-set.

Body Waxing using Warm Wax

Body waxing is a staple treatment in any salon and is very quick and allows for a high turnover of clients. During the body waxing course you will cover waxing of legs, underarms, bikini line and facial waxing. You will be using warm wax within the waxing course to cover these areas. The course covers all theory elements beforehand contra indications, consultation, treatment procedure, operating of wax equipment and homecare and aftercare.

Intimate Waxing

Intimate waxing is a highly popular service and with the right waxing techniques it can be completed quickly and efficiently. Intimate waxing uses hot strip less wax to effortlessly remove hairs from the intimate bikini area. Hot wax ensures no skin irritation as it just adheres to the hairs themselves. Intimate waxing is only suitable for those that are already trained in basic waxing as it is an advanced technique. The intimate waxing course uses waxing techniques to cover Brazilian, High Bikini and Hollywood waxing. Intimate waxing requires specialized training and knowledge to ensure you can deliver this in-demand waxing technique.

Our complete hair removal course includes consultation, contra-indications, anatomy & physiology, body waxing, intimate waxing & threading techniques for face and body, as well as all homecare and aftercare.

The practical training takes place at Scotland’s leading beauty academy, we have locations in Aberdeen and Glasgow making the course easily accessible.

Suitable for- Beginners

What could this complete hair removal course lead to – Working in a waxing bar or salon. Starting your own business or working as a mobile therapist.

Course Duration: Full-Day

Qualification: Waxing Diploma, Intimate Waxing Diploma, Threading Diploma

You may be entitled to £200 of ITA funding towards the course cost. Click the link above to apply.

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