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Complete SPMU Artist Course. Sale price- £6999.00

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Includes A Free Brow Daddy Kit

Sale Price £6999. Full price courses booked individually would cost £11,798.

This in-depth course has been designed for those looking to enter the lucrative world of Semi Permanent Make Up. The course covers the most popular SPMU services. During the course you will learn the latest techniques to give you the competitive edge when entering the industry.

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This in-depth course has been designed for those looking to enter the lucrative world of Semi Permanent Make Up. The course covers the most popular SPMU services. During the course you will learn the latest techniques to give you the competitive edge when entering the industry.

During training you will learn the art of microblading to create hair stroke patterns, you will learn how to combine this with machine method shading to create the popular combination brow. You will also learn the machine method ombre and powder brows. As well as lip blush and the latest techniques for scalp micro pigmentation.

The course has been specifically designed for those looking to start a career in SPMU. This includes all aspects of the most popular SPMU ensuring you can cover the needs of every client. On completion of the Complete SPMU Course you will be able to offer microblading hair stroke brows as well as combination brows when you combine machine shading and hair strokes as well as the machine Brows method to create ombre, powdered effect brows. Machine method semi permanent brows are great option for those seeking more coverage or a bolder look for their brows. Whilst microblading offer a more natural hair stoke finish. Having both offerings allows you to create a tailor made bespoke treatment for each and every client.
You will also be trained in Lip Blush and scalp micropigmentation allowing you to offer bespoke lip colours, lip neutralisation and non surgical hair loss solutions.

Semi permanent make up is a growth industry and offers high profit margins and repeat business with clients return for regular top ups in between.

Course includes
Ombre and powder brows
Lip Blush
Scalp Micropigmentation

What is microblading? Instead of using a traditional SPMU machine, microblading requires the use of a small hand held tool tool with small needles. These are used to manually create delicate hair strokes while also depositing pigment under the skin. The result? Realistic-looking brow hairs that don’t wash off.

What are ombre/powder brows? Ombre and powder brows are created using a SPMU machine which deposits pigment into the skin. The technique is best suited for clients who prefer fuller result than hairstrokes but still very soft. To create an ombre effect the tails of the brow are darker and fade into a lighter shade at the front of the brow.

What is Lip Bush?Lip blushing is a form of semipermanent make up and is achieved by depositing pigment using into the lips using small needles. Lip blush is a natural enhancement for clients.

What is Scalp Micropigentation? Scalp Micropigmentation is a non surgical enhancement for those suffering from hair loss. If can be used to move the airline down, create a shaved head appearance of add density to thinning hair.

The Complete SPMU Course comprises of both the theory and practical elements on SPMU techniques. You will complete the theory work via the online portal which you have lifetime access to prior to the course we recommend you spend at least 4-5 days familiarising yourself with this. You then attend 7 practice days at the academy to complete the practical hands on work. You will have lifetime support on completion.

DAY 1– You will begin your SPMU journey recapping on the theory you have learned on the online portal. You will gain knowledge on legislation, licensing, Health & Safety, colour theory, contra indication, skin types. You will learn brow mapping techniques and will work on practice skin. You will then observe a live demonstration of microblading which you can film. You will be given homework to complete that evening.

Day 2– You will given feedback on your homework tasks and then work on the practice skin in the morning to perfect the techniques before working on 2 live models in the afternoon.

Day 3– You will observe another demonstration and will be working on practice skin to combine machine and micro bladed brows.You will then receive feedback from the tutor, recap and Q&A

Day 4– You will given feedback on your homework tasks and then work on the practice skin in the morning to perfect the techniques of powder and ombre brows before working on 2 live models in the afternoon.

Day 5-You will observe a lip blush demonstration and will be working on practice skin to perfect the technique and will then be working on 2 live models in the afternoon.You will then receive feedback from the tutor, recap and Q&A

Day 6-You will be learning how to create natural hair line patterns, scalp mapping, colour matching and practicing the scalp micropigmentation technique to enable you to carry out scalp filling, density and complete scalp resotration.

Day 7– You will be working on a live model to carry our a full scalp micropigmentation treatment. We will put you in touch with the model on completion so you can use them for your top up appointment.

This in depth course has been structured from start to finish with beginners in mind and is designed to allow you to have the maximum hands on experience in a wide range of SPMU techniques to ensure confidence on completion and requires no case studies on successful completion of the course.

In addition, the course covers the all relevant anatomy and physiology of the skin, as well as equipping you with an in-depth knowledge of both microblading and the SPMU machine method techniques an colour theory which is reinforced whilst working on live models.
Class sizes are kept very small to ensure you get the maximum from the training. The highly skilled tutors will be on hand throughout to guide you through the process step by step.

Course covers-
Anatomy and Physiology of the skin
Health and safety
Insurance requirements
Colour Theory
Colour Correction
Evaluating Skin Types
Understanding Different Skin Tones
Microblading hair stroke patterns
Needle configuration
Scalp mapping
Advanced hairline design to achieve a natural gradient finish
Blending and spacing techniques
Incision depth and control
Machine Knowledge
Pigment Choice
Brow Mapping
Live Demonstrations
Working on Live Models
Business Setup
Aftercare Support

SPMU styles covered

Ombre Brows
Combination brows
Microblading hair stroke
Powder Brows
Lip Blush
Scalp Micropigmention

Suitable for-  Beginners with no previous experience

Duration-  11 days ( 4 days of theory on the online portal and 7 practical days at the academy)

What the course can lead to– Working in a semi permanent make up clinic, starting your own business, opening your own clinic.

Additional Benefits
On successful completion of the Complete SPMU Artist course you receive a recognised certification from ABT (associated Beauty Therapist) allowing you to work professionally or start your own business. We also provide you with a full kit which is included in the cost of the Complete SPMU course. The kit includes everything you need to get started, your full machine, microblading handheld tools,Tina Davis pigments, needle cartridges, mapping thread, callipers, practice skin, pigment holders and consumables, mapping pencil, machine grip wrap. Allowing you to start your new venture in the world of SPMU straight away.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about the Complete SPMU course or if you need any assistance while enrolling for the course. Our team of experts are here to help.


What should I wear?

Students should wear a tunic or all black to attend The Complete SPMU Artist course in Glasgow or Aberdeen 

Do I get a kit with the course?

The Complete SPMU Artist course does not come with a kit but we provide all products and equipment for the the Complete SPMU Artist training.

Can I work professionally After the course?

The Complete SPMU Artist course is fully accredited and insurable on completion meaning you can work professionally straight away or start your own business etc. 

What if I can’t find a model? 

For The Complete SPMU Artist we suggest you try posting on model groups on social media and if you are still struggling nearer the time then contact us and we can help.

Can I film the course?

Yes, we recommend that students attending The Complete SPMU Artist in Glasgow or Aberdeen bring their phones into the training room and film the demo

What if I change my mind or want to change courses?

The Complete SPMU Artist course is non refundable. If you wish to change or cancel you would receive a course credit which can go towards any future beauty course booking. 

What funding options are available? 

We offer funding for The Complete SPMU Artist course. You may be entitled to £200 of ITA funding towards the course cost. Click below to apply.

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3 reviews for Complete SPMU Artist Course. Sale price- £6999.00

  1. Mary Reid

    So glad I chose this course!!! I wanted to take a big leap and I’m really glad I did! I can offer a wide range of semi-permanent techniques and I’m ready to begin as soon as I have insurance.

  2. Karen Wilson

    The tutor was really nice and answered any questions I had throughout the course and I’m feeling confident to begin offering these services to my local area!

  3. Katherine Gray

    I am really happy that I decided to choose the Complete Course! I really enjoyed all aspects of the course and look forward to starting my own business.

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