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Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy offers a high-end skin boosters course to help you learn the technique and adapt it to provide high-grade skin treatment to your clients.

As a beauty professional, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest skincare treatments and techniques. One of the most popular treatments in recent years is the skin boosters course. This course provides a non-surgical solution for improving the skin’s texture, tone, and hydration. Skin boosters are formulated with premium-quality Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and other nourishing elements, including vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. The Hyaluronic Acid present in skin boosters is more stabilised and is injected deeper than topical or epidermal treatments, which ensures that the outcomes are long-lasting.

Skin boosters are a type of injectable treatment that sits between regular Mesotherapy and invasive dermal fillers. These boosters utilise specialised technologies that have been developed for skin rejuvenation, with a focus on hydrating the skin from the inside out to plump wrinkles instead of filling them. The treatment stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin to renew the skin from within.

Administered into the dermis, skin boosters represent a non-invasive approach to facial rejuvenation, providing clients with the best possible results in terms of skin remodelling. This treatment addresses the loss of Hyaluronic acid from the inside out, resulting in a natural, refreshed look.

What Will You Learn in Our Skin Boosters Course

By enrolling in the skin boosters course, you will learn everything you need to know about administering this treatment and effectively addressing your clients’ skin concerns. As skin boosters continue to be in high demand, adding this treatment to your clinical portfolio can result in high profit margins for your business. Skin boosters have gained a loyal celebrity following and are frequently featured in high-end publications as a non-invasive alternative to more invasive procedures.

Skin boosters work by enhancing the overall tone and texture of the skin, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity. This treatment is an excellent add-on service for clients seeking a more natural and less invasive alternative to botox and fillers. With the right training and expertise, you can provide your clients with exceptional skin rejuvenation results and a boost in their self-confidence.

The Skin Boosters Course Covers:

  • Health and safety
  • Hygiene
  • Relevant Anatomy and Physiology
  • Mapping
  • Treatment protocol
  • 5 point injection technique
  • FAQ
  • Tutor demonstrations
  • Work on Live models
  • Client consultation
  • Client suitability
  • Client expectations
  • Contra indications and actions
  • Risks and side effects
  • Homecare and aftercare

What the Skin Booster Course Leads To:

After completing the skin booster course, you may start working as a skin boosters technician, or start your own business or even work in a clinic.

Entry Requirements for The Skin Booster Course

Level 3, semi permanent make-up or its equivalent. If you have a nursing or medical qualification, you may also enrol for the skin booster course.

Qualification You Will Gain

Skin boosters diploma

Skin Booster Course Duration

1 day on the online portal and 1/2 day at the academy

Skin Booster Course Cost


Why Choose Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy for Your Skin Boosters Course?

Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy offers a comprehensive skin boosters course that provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to perform this popular treatment. Our course is taught by experienced professionals who are passionate about helping you succeed in the beauty industry.

Our skin boosters course covers everything you need to know, including the science behind the treatment, the injection techniques used, and the aftercare required. We also provide hands-on training, allowing you to practise your skills on live models under the supervision of our expert trainers.

By taking our skin boosters course, you will be able to provide the ultimate skin solution to your clients. You will have the skills and knowledge needed to improve their skin’s hydration levels, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve their skin’s texture and tone.


The skin boosters course is a popular non-surgical treatment that provides a range of benefits for the skin. By taking the skin boosters course at Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to perform this treatment and provide the ultimate skin solution to your clients. Contact us today to learn more about our skin boosters course and other training programmes we offer.



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