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Clinical skincare is currently in high demand and offers high profit margins for your business.

What is Complete Clinical Skincare?

The complete clinical skincare offers result-driven solution to the skincare issues of your clients. The course includes Dermaplaning, microneedling and chemical peels.

What is the Profit Margins of a Professional after taking a Complete Clinical Skincare Diploma Course?

These procedures offer HIGH profit margins for you and your business. Dermaplaning costs around .25p per treatment!! Minimum pricing for this procedure is around £45 for the basic version and £65 upwards for the luxury.

Microneedling costs around £18.00 per treatment and minimum pricing is around £120-150 per treatment with a course of at least 6 recommended so this offer a high volume of repeat business.

Chemical Peels cost per treatment is around £1/£2 and minimum pricing is around £50 per treatment with courses of 4-6 recommended so again it offers a lot of repeat business.

There Are A Few Good Reasons Why You Need


As people grow more and more beauty conscious, the demand for Complete Skincare is very high in the market. Only a few clinics are able to offer effective and holistic treatment. So the Complete Clinical Skincare Diploma gives you a career opportunity. You may easily get a job in any reputed clinic with this diploma, or on the other hand, you may start a clinic on your own. However, the course is bound to make you profit.

Safety and Acceptance:

The complete skincare treatments are widely accepted as they are safe and at the same time providing results driven clinical solutions to clients. Above all, a professional diploma is the mark of trust. We were one of the fist training academies in Scotland to offer these courses and have trained thousands of students. With the complete clinical skincare diploma, you can move your business into the clinical sector, retain your clients and massively increase your profit margins.

Universal Application:

The best thing about the complete skincare treatment is that it can be universally applied and covers the face, neck, chest, and hands. So, the possibility is greater both for you and your client.

What is in the Complete Clinical Skincare Diploma Course?

The course includes three aspects. These are Dermaplaning, Microneedling, and Chemical Peels. All courses include anatomy and physiology and the theory elements are completed online at home to ensure you get the maximum from the practical hands on training,

Chemical peels are a quick, fast, very effective and profitable treatment. Microneedling, an effective alternative to Botox, is used in lifting, firming and tighten the skin. In the Dermaplaning course content, the candidates will know how to safely and skilfully use a surgical blade for different activities like exfoliating the skin, increase product penetration.

A Suggestion

It is advisable to enrol for a complete clinical skincare diploma course from a reputed institute to avail of all the benefits of this course. A diploma course provided by the Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy is one of the most effective courses in the market just at £995 (finance available). So, contact this highly-acclaimed training institute now and enrol for complete clinical skincare diploma course and become an expert eventually.


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