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Getting a perfect pair of brows requires the work of an expert. In recent years, the beauty industry has received a lot of bad press for botched eyebrows and clinical treatments going wrong. This is often due to eyebrow treatments being done by individuals who do not have the proper qualifications. This is something we aim to combat at Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy through our flexible and accessible beauty courses. The last thing we want is people claiming to be professional microblading artists who have not completed the necessary training. In response we provide a professional Microblading Diploma Course at an affordable price, it’s suited to everyone, even beginners. Our beauty courses are comprehensive, fully accredited, and insurable after completion.

Microblading is an advanced beauty treatment with a results-oriented approach that is preferred by professionals. The process of microblading is an invasive procedure where technicians implant pigments into the epidermis of the client. It is highly popular with customers and highly profitable for eyebrow technicians. Here, we will discuss how you can start to build a successful microblading business.

What You Need to Learn and What We Offer in The Microblading Course

Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy tutors are industry veterans and help each trainee to get all the knowledge and practice they need. As well as our microblading course, we also offer other accredited beauty courses. As part of our microblading training we help our students identify brow shapes to compliment the face shape of the client and how to create the perfect hair stroke. You will learn about health and safety, sterilisation and preparation, infection control, contraindications, colour wheels and the colour matching behind microblading. As well as colour theory, aftercare, use of pigments, consultation techniques, identifying the correct shape and colour for your client and how to mimic natural hair growth patterns. At the end of the microblading course, we will also explain the licensing process for setting yourself up as a microblading practitioner.

How Brow Technician’s Keep Their Clients Informed

It is imperative that before starting to practice microblading you gain a thorough understanding of the procedure during the beauty training. Before each treatment, it is important that you thoroughly explain the process to your clients. Microblading is an invasive process and a semi-permanent treatment, so always take clients through pre and post-treatment information. You must let your clients decide whether they want to go for the treatment after learning about the process involved. Take the time to show them your previous work to assure them that they are in the right hands.

Manage Your Clients’ Expectations

You must also consider contraindications for a semi-permanent makeup process, as some clients may not be able to be treated with the procedure. For example, if a client already has a previously done tattoo, it cannot be covered, first they must get it removed by laser and let the skin heal before going for another treatment. As a trained technician, it will be your job to inform your clients about not re-working on a patch of skin until it has fully healed.

Learn How to Sell Your Services

If you want to stay on top of the competition, it is imperative that you start promoting your work on social media or with printed leaflets, paid advertising etc. Some key marketing tips include asking your clients to leave feedback that you can show to potential prospects and taking clear images of your client’s brows before and after the treatment to show how precisely and accurately you have carried out the microblading process. Also, be sure to inform your clients about the beauty academy you have attended to gain certification for microblading along with other beauty training courses you have taken at the academy.

So, do not wait any longer to enrol yourself for the Microblading Diploma Course offered by Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy. We are the only SQA, VTCT and ITA approved training school in Scotland. You can find our Beauty Training Academy in Glasgow and Aberdeen.

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