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With the Microneedling process, a multiple micro-perforation is built that makes easy the access of hyaluronic acid, growth factors. It creates a great dermal stimulation that activates tissue repair mechanisms. There are even studies that suggest that this penetration is multiplied by a thousand when using microneedle rollers. If you are an aesthetician, you can now enrol for microneedling courses and increase your professional sphere.

What Uses Does Microneedling Have?

In general, a microneedling course is indicated to make the aesthetician learn about the techniques of how to treat wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sagging skin, stretch marks, and photoaging. In fact, some professionals have shown that this treatment is more efficient in fighting against the signs of aging than others, such as dermabrasion, lasers, or chemical peels. In this way, its results are as satisfactory as those obtained with the CO2 or IPL laser. Both the protein molecule, which is collagen, and protein, which is elastic in nature, is essential for the treatment of damaged skin tissues, either due to scars or spots. It is the best way to reduce skin wrinkles and therefore delay aging.

In addition to being an effective anti-aging treatment, as well as correcting and reducing scars and skin blemishes, Microneedling has other uses. One of them is hair revitalization, being an effective method also to treat alopecia. The small perforations caused by your needles help substances such as topical growth factors or Rogaine, for example, penetrate the scalp better. In this way, hair growth is stimulated. Taking up a microneedling course from a reputed beauty institute will really help you to establish yourself as a therapist.

Benefits of Microneedling

Taking up the microneedling course is a great way to become an aesthetician and perform this effective treatment on your clients to combat the signs of aging. But it’s not just that its only advantage. Among the most prominent advantages, few are mentions below 

  • It is a very economical treatment, so it is perfect for eliminating wrinkles without investing a lot of money on it.
  • It reduces scars caused by burns, acne, wounds, surgery, etc.
  • It rejuvenates the face.
  • It promotes the making of collagen and elastin, so the patient shows a younger appearance.
  • Corrects wrinkles on the face. It is effective to eliminate the traces and marks that the passing of the years leaves on the skin, such as crow’s feet, frown lines, wrinkles, bar codes.
  • Reduces stretch marks, leaving skin smooth and unmarked.
  • Leaves skin hydrated, smooth and soft.
  • Minimizes facial sagging. Collagen and elastin give elasticity, which, in addition to fighting wrinkles, helps to reduce sagging skin.
  • It reduces erythema, redness, dilated pores, rosacea, spider veins, etc.
  • It helps fight episodes of acne and seborrheic dermatitis.

The Results Obtained Are Temporary

Another point you should consider is that Microneedling or collagen induction therapy, is a temporary treatment, it is not permanent. You will see a change after applying it. Also, in the case of scar removal, it will only reduce it more, it will not eliminate it.

Are you passionate about the world of makeup? If you want to specialise or expand your makeup knowledge, you must enrol in the microneedling course offered by Scottish Beauty Expert training Academy.


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