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Waxing is considered one of the most popular and in demand beauty treatments across the globe. It is a quick, affordable, safe and less painful hair removal beauty treatment. It is the preferred hair removal option for most women and recently it has even grown in popularity amongst men. If you are looking to adding waxing to your offered services in 2022, then we recommend starting with a complete hair removal specialist course from a recognisable, established, and experienced beauty training academy in Scotland.

Attract New Customers Through Salon Waxing Offers

Slowly but surely, salons and beauty treatments are coming back to normal after COVID-19’s impact. As the festive season approaches a lot of your salon customers will be planning to celebrate the new year with parties and events. For these, they will want to look their best. So, the moment Christmas ends, your customers will be on the hunt for the New Year Eve and New Years Day beauty packages. Packages that will include waxing as a highly requested treatment. To ensure you can offer waxing as a service when the time comes, now is the time to enrol in a complete hair removal specialist course.

The most popular treatments for attracting new customers and welcoming old ones back in 2022 will be waxing and hair and nail services. Your salon waxing services must include different types of waxing procedures and methods. A variety in your waxing menu will undoubtedly make your salon customers happy, and it will ensure many repeat visits and returning customers.

Types of Waxing Services You May Offer:

There is growing popularity of waxing. Taking up a waxing course will help you learn the process of waxing professionally. The benefits of waxing at a salon compared to shaving at home is vast. Be sure to explain the process and benefits to your customers, to guarantee repeat business. Not only is it better for your skin, it lasts longer and leaves a smoother appearance.

Facial waxing is the most popular choice for today’s customers. If you want to offer advanced facial waxing services, for brows, moustache, or other areas then you must first gain certification from a specialised facial waxing course from a reputed beauty training academy. This kind of waxing is all about technique, precision and aftercare. If you can perfect the skills and added extra steps that are taught in our facial waxing course, you will undoubtedly welcome more clients in the new year. Our Facial waxing course is among the most popular beauty training courses in Glasgow and Aberdeen, so enrol today to take your career further.

One of the most profitable waxing treatments that we teach is intimate waxing. To offer intimate waxing as a service, you must first undertake the necessary beauty training offered in our intimate waxing course. We will teach your how to administer the treatment professionally and carefully to avoid unnecessary pain and ensure client satisfaction, the smallest of mistakes might hurt your client very badly so it important that you gain the proper certification before adding this treatment to your salon. Take up the intimate waxing course from Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy and to gain new skills and career opportunities today.

The mentioned waxing methods are the most popular types of waxing among salon customers. If you want to offer all the above-mentioned waxing treatments, then enrol for a complete hair removal specialist course from an established beauty academy in Aberdeen or Glasgow, like the Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy.

Benefits Of Waxing

Waxing is a staple beauty treatment that can create high-profit margins for your salon or business. Waxing is one of the best treatments for quickly improving your client’s appearance and confidence before an event or holiday celebration. When conducted in a quick, affordable, and safe manner it guarantees client satisfaction. Waxing is a non-invasive, non-chemical beauty treatment that will enhance your client’s natural beauty and will also offers the following benefits:

  • Clean dead and dry cells
  • Stops rashes from shaving
  • Remove tan partially
  • Less regrowth of hair
  • Alleviates itching
  • Creates smooth and even skin

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