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Complete Nail Technician Course

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Everything you need to start a new career as a nail technician. The complete nail technician course can be completed with the theory element at home and 3 practical training days at the academy. The course covers Manicure & Pedicure, Gel Polish , Builder in a Bottle and Gel Nail Extensions. The complete nail technician training is available at both Aberdeen and Glasgow academies.

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If you are looking to start a new career as a nail technician our exclusive Complete Nail Technician Course offers everything that you need to start working in this lucrative industry. The nail technician course is completed over 3 days and runs monthly. The complete nail technician course covers manicure & pedicure, gel polish, builder in a bottle and gel nail extensions.

Manicure & Pedicure Course

The staple treatment for all salons. This in-depth course covers all aspects of manicure and pedicure including nail disorders and diseases, consultation procedures, contra indications, a full step-by-step procedure including massage routine, techniques to create the perfect French manicure and how to give your polish the professional finish. A good manicure and pedicure is the base for all nail services and this skill is delivered through our Complete Nail Technician Course.

Gel Polish Course

This course covers preparation of the nail, application techniques, how to create the perfect French manicure, removal, trouble shooting and homecare/aftercare. Gel polish is a fast and profitable treatment which allows a high turnover of clients. A must have service in any nail bar or salon. The Complete Nail Technician Course will cover everything you need to start offering this popular service.

Builder in a Bottle Course

Builder in a Bottle is the latest trend in nail technology and is created using the next-generation technology.  Builder in a bottle or BIAB as it is commonly referred to is far stronger than a regular gel polish and does not lift or chip and can be used to extend the natural nail.

Gel Nail Extensions Course

 Gel nail extensions are a safer alternative to acrylic versions and much kinder to the natural nail. Gel nail extensions are odourless so a great option for those working from home or as a mobile nail tech. Our Complete Nail Technician Course includes gel nail extensions on the final day of training.

The course covers:

1.Consultation for contra indications

2.Preparation of the nail

3.Trip and overlay application

4.Homecare & aftercare.

This complete nail technician training is available at both Aberdeen and Glasgow academies.

Suitable for- Beginners with no previous experience

What could this course lead to – Working in a nail bar or salon, starting your own business, working as a mobile nail tech.

Entry Requirements– None

Qualifications– Manicure & Pedicure Diploma, Gel Nail Polish Diploma, Builder in a Bottle Diploma, Gel Nail Extensions Diploma

Duration – 3 days

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