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Dermaplaning is a skin treatment which is safe & effective for skin exfoliation. Here, one uses a surgical scalpel to shave off the skin surface and get rid of excess dead skin and fuzzy hair. At the time of performing the technique, the tool for dermaplaning is held at a 45-degree angle to brush on the skin.

This procedure is only performed on the face and not used to shape eyebrows. Conducting this process on skin not only makes your skin smooth but also helps to lighten scar marks from your acne. You can excel in the procedure of dermaplaning by pursuing a dermaplaning diploma course from a well-known institution like the Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy. Doing so would not only attract high-end customers to your beauty salon but also help you to grow your business by serving more and more clients.

Here Are Some Benefits of the Dermaplaning Technique:

  • Works on all skin types
  • Reduces the appearance of acne scars
  • Promotes smoother skin
  • Provides deeper product penetration
  • Removes facial hair that traps oil and dirt
  • Safer procedure for removing dead skin cells
  • Provides instant results
  • Diminishes the look of fine lines

Importance of Dermaplaning Diploma Course & What the Course Covers

The Dermaplaning diploma course is an extensive diploma degree, which shows candidates how to skilfully and safely utilize a surgical blade for exfoliating skin, removing fine vellus hairs, minimizing imperfections, and increasing product penetration. Using this, you can remove stratum corneum skin cells, which can dramatically lessen skin disorders. For a beautician like you, this can be one of the best additions to your clinical treatment menu.

Dermaplaning treatment is very in demand and is also one of the safest and cost-effective alternatives to microdermabrasion. The treatment has essential profit margins and is also low cost and charges £100 each treatment. This dermaplaning diploma course involves a kit of fine scalpel blades to conduct up to 50 treatments. You would need to conduct 6 case studies to ensure a high competence level.

When You Should Not PerformDermaplaning Treatment:

  • Cannot be performed on patients with active acne
  • Doesn’t go well with those having sensitive skin as they may experience irritation
  • Might leave the face red for a while and this could take nearly days to go away
  • Might lead to ingrown hair

Eligibility Criteria to Pursue Dermaplaning Diploma Course

Entry-requirements: Semi-permanent makeup or equivalent course requirement/beauty qualification, medical/nursing qualification.

Duration: 1 day

Price: £400 (Includingkit)


There is a rising demand for dermaplaning diploma courses as dermaplaning is a very safe and cost-effective technique. This treatment offers a lot of profit margins and is also of low cost. The Dermaplaning diploma course helps you in becoming a specialist in clinical skincare services. People who have medical experience in nursing can also join a dermaplaning diploma course. Dermaplaning is a quick, profitable treatment that offers instant results and is safer than microdermabrasion. Offering such treatment provides you with very high margins of profit and a rapid turnover of clients.


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