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Opting for a complete clinical skincare diploma assists you to move your career into a profitable clinical sector, which helps provide the most updated result driven solution to the customers looking to take care of their skin and reduce various skin related issues. We at Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy offer this course at a discounted price for you to become an aesthetician and expand your profit margin from the service. This course involves dermaplaning, chemical peeling, and microneedling.

Here Is an Elaboration on Each of The Course Content Mentioned Under Complete Clinical Skincare Diploma:
Peels Course Content:
It is a very profitable treatment with the instant turnaround on clients. This course covers physiology and anatomy, benefits and history of skin peels, differing client suitability. Products used as per this course promises 50% efficiency. Also, this course provides their learners with product recommendations and home and aftercare precautions.

Microneedling Course Content:

It is a clinical skincare process that is growing rapidly in the beauty industry market. Currently, microneedling is in great demand among clients looking forward to outcome driven treatments. It is completely a natural alternative to the treatment of Botox microneedling that helps to lift as well as tighten the skin. It is also considered one of the effective measures to treat acne scarring, scar tissues, stretch marks, and others. The average treatment price may range anywhere between £ 125 and 200 for each treatment, which makes this an extremely profitable addition to the treatment menu of most clinics providing skincare treatment.
Note that this comprehensive course includes the study of anatomy, physiology, contradiction, benefits, and history of microneedling, safety and precautions, and others.

Content on Dermaplaning Course:

It is a highly comprehensive diploma course ensuring candidates in regard to the client’s safety and upliftment of their skills using a surgical blade. Usage of surgical blades is done to exfoliate the skin, reduce imperfections, increase product penetration and remove fine vellus hairs. Controlled stratum corneum skin cell removal with the help of surgical blades dramatically can ameliorate skincare results and is also considered one of the great add-ons to any skin treatment menu.
Presently, this method is in high demand and is fast becoming cost effective as well as a safer alternative to the technique of microdermabrasion. Ensure this treatment has high profit margins as it is thoroughly low cost to execute this procedure at a cost of nearly £100 for each treatment.

Note that this course involves a kit with sufficient scalpel blades to execute at least fifty treatments. Those candidates carrying about six case studies in totality can ensure a high level of competency in treatment.
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