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The pandemic has changed the way we conduct ourselves in public places. The use of face masks has become the new normal. And these masks cover a significant portion of the face, leaving only the eyes visible. And yes, it has become all about the eyes.

If you are a beauty therapist and offer lash and brow services, it is a good time to make good profits by increasing your service menu. And, if you do not have the necessary qualifications for providing such services, you must enrol yourself for a lash and brow technician course from a reputed beauty training academy.

Increase Profits with Lash and Brow Services

You can easily upscale and upsell the brow and lash services to attract new clients. You can add brow and lash lifting, perming, tinting, and lash extension to your service menu. However, it is important that you learn the techniques from experts and enrolling for an online lash and brow course or online lash lift course from Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy would be a great idea.

Online Lash and Brow Course

In the online lash and brow course, you will get online training manual and training videos along with direct support from the trainers from the best beauty academy. You get the flexibility to study at home and complete the course in a span of six months.

You get to learn lash and brow tinting methods, brow mapping, application party lashes, and brow shaping and brow waxing. His is a great course if you want to explore the possibilities in the beauty industry offering brow and lash services.

Another good thing about the online lash and brow course offered by Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy is that this course is fully accredited, and you get the benefits of insurance after successfully completing it.

Online Lash Lift Course

In the online lash lift course, you get online training materials, including a link to the theory and training videos. Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy offers this online lash lift course to those at the beginner’s level as well as those who are already a part of the beauty industry.

In the online lash lift course, you will need to finish two case studies along with the theory. You get to study the training manual from home yet learn the technique to carry out the lash lift procedure. This course is also accredited and insurable after completion.


If you want to increase your service portfolio, then you must enrol for beauty courses and upskill yourself. And brow and lash courses are among the most popular beauty training courses these days. So, do not wait any longer, enrol yourself for a lash and brow technician course and make a lot of profits.



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