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The beauty treatment industry has seen significant growth in the past few years. Even with the recent global Pandemic, it continues to grow and expand, with 2022 set to be the biggest year yet. As restrictions are lifted, clients are looking for ways to look their best.

If you want to offer trending beauty services, you should enrol for beauty training in Aberdeen or Glasgow. We at Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy offer premium quality beauty training courses to help you learn the most popular beauty treatments so you can offer them to your clients.

A Guide to The Trending Beauty Courses in The Year 2022.

Mesotherapy Course

Mesotherapy, as the natural alternative to an invasive cosmetic procedure, is in very high in demand. By enrolling in our mesotherapy course you will learn everything you need to know to offer mesotherapy to your clients and become a professional skincare therapist.

Our trainers will help you learn how to use the needle for intradermal or subcutaneous injections and transport products to the dermal layer for cellular interaction.

Learning this form of beauty treatment will open up your business to career possibilities and attract more clients, allowing you to generate a higher income.


Dermaplaning is a popular beauty treatment procedure loved by clients right now for being a cost-effective and transformative procedure. We have expert trainers who help you learn the proper dermaplaning technique, using a surgical blade to exfoliate the skin, remove fine vellus hairs, minimise imperfections, and increase product penetration onto the skin of your clients.

Enrolling in the Dermaplaning course will create a lot of opportunities to attract new clients and also retain the existing ones and build on your profits.

Microblading Course

The microblading diploma course is in high demand as clients these days are very conscious of their brow shape and appearance. We offer you hands-on practical training at our Glasgow and Aberdeen academies to help you learn the microblading procedure accurately.

You will learn the practice of brow mapping, altering hair stroke patterns, and add semi-permanent pigments into the skin of your clients.

We also provide you with a full kit that you can use to carry out 20 treatments on your clients.

Lip Blush Course

Lip blush course is another popular course in the beauty industry that offers a very high income. Clients prefer lip blush service for getting great instant results as it offers the appearance of fuller lips in soft and natural colour, balances out unevenness, and is also a low maintenance service.

We first train you in how to map the lips before using the machine method to transfer Tina Davis pigments and create a natural look of fuller lips.

The course also includes a lip blush kit that has everything you need to get started as a lip blush artist. The kit has a full machine, machine grip wrap, mapping thread, mapping pencil, needle cartridges, Tina Davis pigments, callipers, practice skin, pigment holders, and consumables.

Enrol for a lip blush course at our beauty academy in Glasgow or Aberdeen, and let us help you establish yourself as a professional in the beauty treatment industry.


If you want to be a part of the beauty industry and offer all most profitable and popular treatments to your clients, then you should attend the Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy and book the above-mentioned courses online.

You can contact us at contact@scottishbeautyexpert.com if you need assistance while enrolling yourself in any of our courses.



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