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Scalp Micropigmentation has never been more popular. The specific method used in Scalp Micropigmentation is known as pointillism. Using this method, the esthetician makes tiny incisions on the scalp to create a pattern which gives the illusion of a natural hairline. Enrolling on the scalp micropigmentation course that is delivered by the Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy will provide you with expert guidance and aid you in learning the subtle technique of creating a natural-looking restored hairline.

Scalp micropigmentation is a popular solution when someone seeks to repair a receding hairline. Hence, the process is quickly gaining popularity as an alternative to hair transplants or as a way to camouflage scar tissue or baldness on the scalp. Completing this scalp pigmentation course will open up new sources of income and increase your profits.

As a scalp pigmentation technician, you can charge up to £1600 for each session. This in demand service could be your most lucrative investment as a professional.

Enrolling On A Scalp Micropigmentation Course With Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy

At Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, we offer a superior scalp micropigmentation course led by our own expert tutors. You will receive extensive professional training by studying and adopting the correct techniques of applying pigments to the scalp.

With the scalp micropigmentation course, we provide a complete kit that includes a machine, enabling you to quickly begin your new career as a confident professional. The scalp pigmentation kit includes a full machine, machine grip wrap, needle cartridges, scalp pigment, mapping pencil, callipers, practice skin, pigment holders, and consumables.

When you enrol in our scalp micropigmentation course, you will get lifetime access to the online study materials provided by the Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, making it easy to refer back to the course content whenever you require it.

Our expert tutors will guide you as you work on live models so that you can achieve professional, consistent results when expertly restoring a client’s natural hairline.

Who Can Enroll On The Scalp Micropigmentation Course

The scalp micropigmentation course is suitable for beginners with no experience to experienced beauticians who want to branch out into a new industry and source of income.

Scalp Micropigmentation Course Certification: Scalp Micropigmentation Diploma

Scalp Micropigmentation Course Duration: 2 Days

Scalp Micropigmentation Course Curriculum:

  • Relevant Anatomy and Physiology
  • Health and safety
  • Risks and side effects
  • Hygiene
  • Contra indications and actions
  • Client consultation
  • Client suitability
  • Client expectations
  • Scalp mapping
  • Advanced hairline design
  • Create a natural gradient hairline
  • Incision depth and control
  • Blending and spacing techniques
  • Tutor demonstrations
  • Work on practice skin
  • Work on Live models
  • Homecare and aftercare
  • Licensing requirements

Additional Benefits Of Taking The Scalp Micropigmentation Course

As you complete the scalp micropigmentation course from Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, you will receive a certification from ABT (Associated Beauty Therapist). This is a recognised certification that will allow you to work professionally and offer scalp pigmentation services to your clients. You can either choose to work as a scalp micropigmentation artist and work in a clinic or start your own business, offering the service as an individual.

Enrol today or contact Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy for advice or additional help in enrolling in the course.



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