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The chemical peel course is a perfect skin treatment course and can add to your resume/portfolio of aesthetic procedures if you pursue it. It is a relatively swift and easy to administer course offering the best solutions to a wide variety of skin disorders ranging from scarring to anti-ageing. However, like any skin treatment, chemical peels too, come with their own set of risks. Hence, it is crucial for you to pursue a chemical peel course from a place that gives you the best training, thereby boosting your confidence, which would help you assure your clients with the highest standards of care when handling their skin.

Gain In-Depth Knowledge

Moreover, pursuing the chemical peel course from a good place also inculcates you with the best knowledge about various products. For acute skin conditions like severe pigmentation, stronger chemical peels are needed, which are only taught in the advanced level of qualification and training. Thus, it is crucial for you to seek proper training to strengthen your experience and knowledge about the treatment you are eager to offer.

Increase Your Profit

A quick and profitable treatment like chemical peel can attract various clients. One can charge about £50 upwards each peel, and those with enhanced knowledge can charge more. Proper knowledge about this treatment can retain customers as such therapies have a massive range of target audiences. The therapy can help treat pigmentation, fine lines, acne scarring, acne, and ameliorates complete skin tone as well as texture.

At Scottish Beauty Expert Training Academy, we offer top-class chemical peel course for health care experts and aesthetic practitioners. The theory component of our course is carried on our online platform.

Content of The Course:

Course content includes studies about physiology and anatomy, benefits and history of skin peels, client suitability, product recommendation, aftercare, and home care, and others.

Qualification Requirement:

Requirements for entry-level strictly require the candidate to have beauty qualification, nursing or medical qualification and semi-permanent makeup the qualification. *

Qualification Offered:

The qualification of the course that we are offering at our institution is known as a skin peel diploma.

Duration and Cost of The Qualification:

The duration of the course is generally half a day, and the cost incurred for pursuing the course is £250

* Those candidates who are unsure whether their qualifications match with our requirement can directly contact us and discuss in detail. However, before contacting candidates should note having a facial qualification is a must for pursuing a chemical peel course. Those not holding a facial qualification are recommended to seek the facial course before attending the chemical peel course.


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